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We offer the only system that will easily raise large enough numbers of Osmia lignaria and Osmia cornifrons (mason bees) for backyard and commercial orchard pollination.  And our system costs far less than most pay for renting honeybees every year!  It's also a lot easier to raise Osmia than honeybees.  You'll see!

I have been raising Orchard Mason Bees for about 13 years.  For about 10 years I have been placing the bees around commercial orchards to see how well they will do in commercial orchard environments in the USA (Japan has been using them for over 50 years).  They have done well here - increasing their population every year but one (due to the weather).  Some growers I see have since given up on honeybees and love using these bees.

Female Osmia cornifrons (Hornedfaced) and Osmia lignaria (Blue Orchard) bees

From their sting free nature through their easy management using EZ-BEE Nesters, to the fantastic job they do pollinating, Orchard Mason Bees are simply the best!  The EZ-BEE Nester is what makes it easy - no need to hang up 50 blocks of wood for every acre after individually inserting 1000 straws into the holes, just hang up 1 EZ-BEE Nester for every 3/4 to 1 acre of trees.  Stackable and mouse proof too - designed to end problems with squirrels pulling the tubes out.  They are reusable for up to 4 years - then trap the bees out and dispose of them - easy.  Plus, EZ-BEE nesters are the lowest priced per nesting hole - making them the best, the easiest and cheapest to use by far!  Now you can solve the national pollinator shortage in your own orchard - while saving on your bottom line too!

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